Massage Balm

Massage Balms

At Lemongrass House Massage we have an extensive range of Massage Balms available to both the public and wholesale customers.

Our range of Massage Balms are sourced predominately from Thailand and is second to none on quality and effectiveness. The use of particular Massage Balms in conjunction with various types of massage can help to relieve tense muscles and aches and pains.

Massage Balms have been used for many years and Thailand has been at the forefront of this type of Natural Healing. Recipes have been handed down for centuries and now with modern manufacturing and product these products are now easily available.

We use all of our products in our Lemongrass House Massage Studio so have a complete understanding of the products and there use and effectiveness. The use of the Balms has be very well received with clients purchasing the Balms after a massage for self application in between massages.

In our range of Massage Balms we also carry balms that there working properties are used not only for massage but for other ailments. We have listed under each balm in the descriptions the various aliments that each balm will be effective against. The list includes Nasal Congestion, Dizziness, reduction in tendon tightness through to bite insect relief.

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Massage Balms