Massage Tips

Massage Tips

There are always of course people who claim they are Massage Therapists but are just self trained or have limited training. Below is a list of suggestions to make sure you pick the right Massage Therapist and benefit from the wonderful advantages of having a massage.

Massage Tips 1

When you decide to have a massage make sure that the Massage Therapist is trained and also insured.

Massage Tips 2

Check out there website to make sure they are able to carry out the massage you require. The website will also give you a good indication of their professionalism.

Massage Tips 3

Don’t eat a heavy meal before the massage.

Massage Tips 4

If it’s your first time at Lemongrass House Massage, arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete the necessary forms.

Massage Tips 5

If you have any injuries make sure you make the Massage Therapist aware of this prior to the massage starting.

Massage Tips 6

Drink plenty of water post the massage to clear the Toxins from your body.

Massage Tips 7

A Massage Gift Card is a great gift for friends or family. At Lemongrass House Massage we have a range of different values available to suit all budgets.

Massage Tips 8

Make sure you tell your friends about the experience. This ensures that your friends or family can enjoy the same experience.

Massage Tips 9

Relax and enjoy!

I hope the above tips will help you find and enjoy your Massage. At Lemongrass House Massage we tick all the boxes and pride ourselves on giving you a Massage experience you will not forget. I hope you give us a try and you will see by our website and Testimonials we are well respected and loved by our clients. We are also that organised that you can see via our on-line booking system when you can come and see us. We look forward to seeing you soon.