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Soap N Bubble Products

Soap N Bubble is another business that we have put together over the last few years. It all started from originally importing Spa Products from Thailand which were fantastic products but we struggled to sell due to the competitive nature of those types of products. Additionally the issues of relying on the manufacturer, importing issues and freight costs we looked for other options.

On a trip to Thailand we found these fantastic soaps that blew us away. If it looked like a banana it smelt like one too and so on. We immediately arranged for a shipment to be sent to Australia with the option in mind of manufacturing here in Australia.

After 18 months and many trips to Thailand and other countries, we have now sourced the best soap base, fragrances and other natural products to put together our own Australian Made product range. We also completed various training courses from different organisations both in Australia and overseas giving us the knowledge to produce the best we can.

Soap N Bubble now supply various markets, shops and tourist attractions in Australia and we are growing!

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