Nana (Napawadee) Wellington

Designation: Owner Therapist

Nana commenced Massage Therapy approximately in 2010 and was initially trained in Thailand her native country. Nana trained and worked in all types of massage facets for many years both full time and part time prior to immigrating to Australia 2012. Due to the requirements in Australia Nana was required to complete additional training to be able to access the appropriate insurances of which she completed in 2012/2013 in Brisbane.

Since being in Australia Nana has worked in Brisbane for Massage Therapists and since moving to Cairns, Queensland she has started her own business. Over the past 48 months Nana has seen her business grow and her reputation spread as one of the best Massage Therapists in the Cairns Region.

Being from Thailand and loving her birthplace, Nana well knows the wonders and natural beauty of her country. Her love of natural organic and safe products has also made her expand into another business Soap N Bubble. Soap N bubbles products include a wide range of Soaps, Spa Products and Candles locally made by us in Cairns. All of our Massage and Beauty Therapy products are from natures heaven Thailand and are of the highest of quality and used in our Smithfield Studio.

Member registration and Insurance

Designation: Member - IICT

Nana is a current financial member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists in Australia. Her business is fully insured and carries relevant Australian Government business registration papers and trades as Lemongrass House Massage.